General/Purchasing – FAQ

  • Do I need the full version of Kontakt?

Yes. At this time our libraries are libraries are programmed for the full version of Kontakt 5.  They will NOT work with the free Kontakt Player.

  • How do I receive my library once I purchase?  Can I buy a boxed DVD of the library?

Our libraries are download-only, we do not offer boxed versions of our products.  After checkout, you’ll receive emails with secure links to download the library.

  • What is a .rar file?  How do open it?

.RAR is a compression method which allows for more successful downloading of large files, like our sample libraries.  On a mac, try these free .rar expanders:  UnRARx or SimplyRAR.  On a PC, try Free RAR Extract Frog.

Installation Help Guides (click to download)

Updates/Downloads – FAQ

  • How do I download and install my updates for Straight Ahead! Jazz Drums or Brushes & Mallets?

You should’ve received your download links in an email.  If not, email us at support@straightaheadsamples.com and we’ll get it to you asap.  Check out these docs for help on how to download and install your updates.


Straight Ahead! Jazz Drums – FAQ

  • Why are jazz drums so different than the rock drum samples I already have?

First, the sound of jazz drums are very different. The drums themselves often have more ring and are tuned very differently. Also, the function of drums in jazz music is very different than in pop/rock music. In most modern popular music, the kick and snare are the “motor” of the music. In jazz, it’s the ride cymbal that delivers the pulse and the feel. We have sampled the drums in a way that reflects and exploits these difference, to produce results that sound natural and that are very playable/usable in your compositions.

  • How are the samples processed?

This library was recorded very cleanly through SSL mic pres and Apogee converters. They have been very minimally compressed and are ready for processing in your DAW.